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A Passion for Helping

As a child, Bryan attended his father’s seminars and saw the impact that his father was having on families lives. Wanting to have that same impact, Bryan has a passion for helping people keep their money, and meet their financial objectives.

Client Centered

When the Repple family went through the late 80’s there were difficult financial and life choices that had to be made. They survived those economic and life events because they were flexible and had choices they could make. People that don’t have choices, are stuck with what is handed to them. The people that have the most successful lives are the ones with the most choices. At Repple Wealth Group we help provide you the financial strategies you need so you have choices when life events happen.

It’s about giving you choices and understanding the strategies to help you plug the financial leaks that you could be transferring wealth in unknowingly and unnecessarily.

We solve financial problems. We teach you how to play the financial game and we do it very well.

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We Listen

We want to know what you want, and what you want to see happen in your life.



We Plan

We develop a personal strategy for you, a financial plan, developed around specifics of what you need and want.



We Execute

We work through each step of your plan, and make sure it is going as planned and strategized.