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Bryan A. Repple

Bryan A. Repple

President & Managing Partner

Bryan was born in Miami, and has lived in Orlando since 1978, when his family relocated from Birmingham, Alabama, to start G.A. Repple & Company. He graduated from Campbell University in 1998 with a major in Business Administration with a focus in Trust Management.

After college, Bryan followed his father’s footsteps and began working for G.A. Repple as a financial planner. For the past 21 years, he has overseen the personal financial planning practice for G.A. Repple, and trains financial planners around the country on complex estate, financial, and insurance planning concepts.

Bryan is the founder of Repple Wealth Group. The focus of Repple Wealth Group is to provide clients the answer to the four most difficult financial questions challenging families today. Understanding these answers will help lead families to a more secure financial future.

He also serves as CEO of Repple Insurance Services, an independent Insurance Organization providing training, support, and products to Independent Financial and Insurance advisors on Estate, Tax, and Wealth Accumulation strategies.

Areas of expertise involve educating clients, and financial advisors on how to avoid transferring wealth through taxes by using financial strategies to keep more of their wealth for them and their families. These strategies involve understanding Tax law, Insurance law, and Estate Planning techniques.

Currently a Registered Representative for G.A. Repple Company.
Securities & Investment Advice offered through G.A. Repple & Company
A Registered Broker/Dealer & Investment Advisor